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Early Out

Early Out Collections

The MARS early out collections program acts as an extension of the business office to collect third party insurance accounts and answer all inquiries from patients and their insurance companies. Only accounts with balances of less than $5,000.00 are placed with this program which enables the hospital to free their collection personnel to focus on accounts with larger balances. the Early Out program from the MARS Group is the least expensive insurance collections program available. It allows the provider to have an immediate contact with insurance companies via the telephone. The early out collector is a representative of the provider’s business office - not a collection agency. Through this program, patient complaints are minimized because of the continuous follow-up and progress tracking.
MARS places experienced personnel in the provider’s business office who are trained in all aspects of insurance follow-up and collections.
The program allows the provider to transfer accounts to our collectors using their system to assign the accounts.

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