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Now you can have every account screened for eligibility, and get it done FAST!

The MARS Group provides is FAST eligibility scanning service to physician groups and hospitals. Using this service, each of your patient accounts can be scanned for eligibility on a regular basis. No more missed filing deadlines or undetermined eligibility.

It's quick and easy process for you. All you have to do is provide us with a little information about the accounts you want screened (Name, DOB, SSN, admit date, discharge date). The data needs to be in electronic form (e.g. Spreadsheet, flat file, etc) and transmitted to our secure FTP site. A spreadsheet is the most common format. We will return the screened accounts to you – usually with in 24 hours, sometimes faster! The results are e-mailed to you as a spreadsheet. We can also provide a hard copy report.

That's all it takes to ensure that every account is screened for eligibility. The entire process can be virtually automatic, requiring very little time from your staff.

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