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The MARS Group maintains an in-house IT department to handle our data processing needs. Our case management software has been designed, coded and implemented in-house. We have the capability to integrate the most modern coding and data management techniques to provide you with the finest case management services anywhere. Since we have developed and own our code, we can provide all the flexibility and modifications that you may need to service your accounts.

Using our custom developed software our case managers can easily access, modify, and analyze virtually any piece of data on the system. We can ensure that your patient cases are handled professionally and in a timely manner. Additionally, our staff can provide virtually any customized report that you may want.

Our staff can consult with your IT staff to ensure maximum integration and efficiency. Our data flows can be modified to suit your needs and your standards. We can convert data from virtually any source or format to merge with our system. Also, by using available broadband connections, our managers can monitor and control the work processes and flow at all of our client sites, and provide literally up-to-the-minute reports for you.

We feel that our case management is the finest in the industry, and will be happy to demonstrate it to you at your convenience!

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